H2RES model is developed by:



Research Group on Energy and Sustainable

Development, Lisbon, Portugal



Development of H2RES model is supported by:


European Commison

which is supporting projects:



Portuguese Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

which is supporting the project
Increasing The Penetration of Clean Energy Technologies with a Special View on Insular and Isolated Regions


Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of REPUBLIC OF CROATIA

which is supporting the project:
Smart Energy Storage for Sustainable Development of Energy Systems
(MZOS: 1201918-1920)




Prof. Neven Duic, project coordinator


Patricia Rei, implemented solar module as graduation thesis

Jose Pedro Fonseca, helped in implementation of reversible hydro module as PhD thesis

Luis Alves, helped in implementation of precipitation module

Maria Lerer, helped in implementation of hydrogen loop

Goran Krajacic, implemented grid connection, fossil fuel module and geothermal module (graduation and PhD thesis)

Rui Martins, helped in implementation of geothermal module as graduation thesis

Patrick Fowler, implemented biomass module as a part of student project

Boris Hemetek, implemented heat modules as part of graduation thesis
Raquel Segurado, helped in implementation of desalination module
Antoine Busuttil, worked on implementation of financial module



Version history:


H2RES 1.0, wind, solar and hydro modules, power and water load, hydrogen loop, batteries, reversible hydro

H2RES 2.0, transport hydrogen load, defferable load

H2RES 2.1, grid connection

H2RES 2.2, fossil fuel module

H2RES 2.3, geothermal module

H2RES 2.4, biomass module

H2RES 2.5, heat load

H2RES 2.6, heat storage

H2RES 2.7, wave module

H2RES 2.8, desalination module


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