Case studies



NAME: Terceira
LOCATION: Azores, Portugal

38 44' N and 27 19' W

AREA: 396,75 km2
Hills, grasslands, forests and coastal cliffs.
Temperate and sunny with occasional rainy periods.

Isolated, fossil fuel power plants

The island of Terceira has good wind and geothermal potential therefore it is decided to increase the use of these renewable energy sources. On the Terceira Island a project for installing 12 MW of geothermal power is ongoing and will be finished in 2009. This installation will certainly give contribution to development of geothermal energy on Terceira Island.


Terceira installed power


Figure 1. Installed power on Terceira Island from year 2010 to 2025


Figure 1. presents the size of installed equipment until year 2025 when all transport loads on the island would be switched to hydrogen. It also can be noticed that size of fossil fuel power plants will be unchanged while installed power of other technologies increases significantly. The large amount of hydrogen used for transport not only requires big power of electrolysers but also the sources of electricity production, in case of this scenario geothermal energy.


Terceira Hydrogen


Figure 2. Hydrogen consumption in the transport of the Terceira Island


In the proposed scenario, electricity from geothermal sources decreases after 2015, which is the outcome of increased production of hydrogen for transport purposes by geothermal plants. In 2015 around one fifth of geothermal potential is used to satisfy electricity production while the rest goes to production of hydrogen.