The H2RES model is designed for balancing between hourly time series of water, electricity, heat and hydrogen demand, appropriate storages and supply (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, fossil fuels or mainland grid). The main purpose of model is energy planning of islands and isolated regions which operate as stand alone systems but it can also serve as planning tool for single wind, hydro or solar power producer connected to bigger power system.


The H2RES model version 2.8:



  • Wind module uses the wind velocity data at 10m height, adjusts them to the wind-turbine hub level and, for a given choice of wind turbines, converts the velocities into the output.


  • Solar module converts the total radiation on the horizontal surface into the inclined surface, and then into the output.


  • Hydro module takes into account precipitation data, water collection area and evaporation data based on the reservoir free surface to predict the water net inflow into the reservoir.


  • Biomass module takes into account the feedstock information, the desired mix of feedstocks, conversion processes (combustion, gasification and digestion) and desired output production (power, heat or combined heat and power).


  • Geothermal module functions as base load, where the installed power generates electricity for the system continuously, except when it is in maintenance.


  • Load module, based on a given criteria for the maximum acceptable renewable electricity in the power system, integrates a part or all of the available renewables output into the system and either stores or discards the rest of the renewable output.